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Digital dual kitchen timer | ADE TD 2100-1

Digital dual kitchen timer | ADE TD 2100-1 /-2

Keep an a eye on timings thanks to the dual timer function: digital kitchen timer with clear dual display and visual signal when time expires (optional even an additional acoustic alarm can be set in two different volume levels). The two different timer settings that are used simultaneously are particularly practical.

Digital kitchen timer | ADE TD 1902 time

Digital kitchen timer | ADE TD 1902

Tilting or tapping. It’s time for the digital kitchen timer with tilt start from ADE, which also displays the current time and serves well outside the kitchen too! It has three pre-set countdowns: 1, 3 and 5 minutes. They can be activated very easily by tilting the handy timer to the respective side. Also individual times can be set on the LCD display by just pressing a button. When the time is up, the display signals: Done! But an acoustic alarm can also be set in addition. Carrying your timer around with you? Then the vibration alarm makes sense, which is also available for selection.

Digital kitchen timer | ADE TD 1600 front

Digital kitchen timer | ADE TD 1600 and TD 1601

The flat screen: with 11 millimeters deep it is the flattest timer in the world! Cooking by feeling is fun – but muffins, spaghetti or the breakfast egg work even better when time is running out. The digital kitchen timer from ADE is ideal for this: in addition to the timer function, there is also a stopwatch. If the device is not used, it shows the time. The kitchen timer is not only extra flat (11 mm), its magnetic suspension also enables it to be attached particularly flexibly, for example to a refrigerator or extractor hood.