Perfectly prepared for an enjoyable evening with friends. ADE kitchen ware for private households are in no way inferior to their professional colleagues. The practical kitchen assistants combine quality with user-friendliness. Whether food slicer, stylish 2-in-1 waffle and sandwich maker or retro kitchen scales with mill and timer in partner look – this product range is all about the best tools for ambitious hobby chefs.

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2-in-1 waffle and sandwich maker | ADE KG 2006-1 waffle plate

2-in-1 waffle and sandwich maker | ADE KG 2006-1 to 2006-3

Delicious waffles in the afternoon, savoury sandwiches in the evening: With the 2-in-1 waffle and sandwich maker no problem! The two included plate inserts are exchangeable with one click. But they are not only easy to change, they are also easy to clean thanks to their high-quality non-stick coating. The snack machine presents its stable, high-quality plastic housing in three colours: white, black or red in a chic, matt finish.

Electric Food Slicer | ADE KA 2002

Electric Food Slicer | ADE KA 2002

The compact kitchen assistant moves into the kitchen with two stainless steel knives: smooth for ham, roast beef and Co., serrated for bread, cheese or vegetables. The knives can be easily removed with a screw cap – for cleaning or replacement. Without additional tools, this makes it particularly easy and quick! Stable ABS plastics is the ingredient for the stylish, space-saving housing. Because the sword and sled guide are made of durable aluminum and have a lot to do.

Smoothie Maker with Spice and Coffee Grinder  | ADE KA 1823

Smoothie Maker with Spice and Coffee Grinder | ADE KA 1823

Puree, mix, grind and shred: at the press of a button, the versatile mini-mixer starts at 27,000 revolutions per minute. Whether smoothie or milkshake, pesto or coffee powder, this all-rounder offers accessories for almost every application: the drinking bottle made of BPA-free Tritan with its drip-proof snap closure is ideal for fruity or green smoothies for breakfast, after exercise or in the office – your vitamin kick on the go! Or how about a delicious milkshake in a nostalgic glass mug?

Electric Food Slicer | ADE KA 1806

Electric Food Slicer | ADE KA 1806

Inspired by professional chefs – La Dolce Vita for the private kitchen. The electric food slicer KA 1806 serves delicacies of all kinds: its professional multifunction knife made of special steel cuts delicious Parma ham, sausage, cheese or bread – even into the finest slices. The sturdy aluminum housing convinces with its Italian design, painted in elegant “Milano white”. The centerpiece of the slicer is the air-cooled induction motor, which brings its motor power of 140 watts powerfully and comfortably quiet.

Smoothie Maker with Spice and Coffee Grinder  | ADE KA 1823 to go bottle

Accessories-Set „Smoothie“ | ADE KA 1805-01

Complements the “KA 1805 Spice and Coffee Grinder” to create a smoothie maker – with a knife insert, “to go” drinking bottle made of BPA-free Tritan with a drip-proof clasp and the classic “Mason Jar” mug made of glass. With this supplementary set, fruity or green smoothies for breakfast or after exercise can be made in no time at all.

Electric Spice and Coffee Grinder | ADE KA 1805 front

Electric Spice and Coffee Grinder | ADE KA 1805

The ADE spice grinder and coffee grinder conjures up colorful herb toppings, refined pestos and fresh coffee powder on the table in a matter of seconds. The elegant flash chopper with high-performance grinder chops, grinds and mixes moist and dry food at 27,000 revolutions per minute. Grinding, chopping, mashing and mixing is done very simply with a press button. The decisive factor is the duration of the grinding process: the longer the spice grinder or coffee grinder grinds, the finer the result. The mill has a robust stainless steel housing and is equipped with two stainless steel containers with extra sharp stainless steel blades.

Electric Juice and Citrus Press | ADE KA 1803

Electric Juice and Citrus Press | ADE KA 1803

Fresh fruit juice in no time. Thanks to the automatic right-left run and an automatic start-stop function, the fruit is effectively squeezed – everything is possible, from the small lime to the large orange. Thanks to the practical drip stop, annoying after-running of juice residues after removing the press is prevented. The beautiful glass carafe has a practical pouring opening and looks great on the breakfast table. All removable parts are dishwasher-safe – there is no need for time-consuming manual cleaning.

Electric Grater | ADE KA 1802

Electric Grater | ADE KA 1802

The electric ADE kitchen grater cuts, chops and grates vegetables and fruit, nuts and hard cheese super fast – with a nominal output of 200 watts. From the crisp side dish to the fine protagonist – freshly sliced it tastes better. Coarse or fine depends on the drum insert used. Four of them belong to the accessories of the Multi Grater – all with extra sharp blades made of high quality stainless steel and dishwasher-safe.

Electric Meat Grinder | ADE KA 1801

Electric Meat Grinder | ADE KA 1801

Easily prepare hearty mince, fine sausage and shortbread biscuits yourself. With the power of 2000 watts, the meat grinder processes all types of meat and pull off 2.5 kilos per minute. The powerful, electric motor has forward and reverse as well as two adjustable speeds. The machine contains a two-piece cutting set consisting of a knife and perforated disc. The accessories consist of three perforated discs (3, 5 and 8 mm ⌀), Kebbe attachment, sausage spout, pastry attachment and rammer.

Digital kitchen scale | ADE KE 2008 Jackie

Digital Kitchen Scale | ADE KE 2008 Jackie

Cast off – glass scale with a cheerful lifestyle print. The digital motif scale made of safety glass ensures more fun in the kitchen. Because in addition to the classic weighing units, liquid volumes can also be selected – whether flour or milk, this scale measures all foods very precisely. And their cheerful lifestyle print makes you want to cook and enjoy!

Digital bowl scale | ADE KE 1912 Tosca

Digital Bowl Scale | ADE KE 1912 Tosca

Chic in bowl – decorative stainless steel weighing bowl. Something fits in very well and the practical bowl is also 2 liters in total and dishwasher-safe. The compact housing is made of high-quality ABS plastic and has a round, blue LCD display. It is operated via press buttons, the functions of overload and battery status indicator and the automatic power make this kitchen scale to the perfect assistant.

Mechanical kitchen scale | ADE KM 1900-1 bis KM1900-3 Shirley

Mechanical Kitchen Scale | ADE KM 1900-1 to KM 1900-3 Shirley

Vintage for the kitchen – bowl scale in the style of the 50s. The 1950s optically greet in three colors: the scales are available in mint, red and black. Technically, the mechanical household scale offers precision at its finest – with a massive metal weighing mechanism and manually adjustable zero setting (tare). The housing of the scale is made of high-quality, lacquered metal, the weighing bowl is made of polished stainless steel and is dishwasher-safe – up to 800 milliliters fit into the bowl.

Digitale Messbecherwaage | ADE KE 1824 Rebecca

Digital Measuring Cup Scale | ADE KE 1824 Rebecca

A clever connection – weighing station with measuring cup. The ADE kitchen scale Rebecca not only thinking with the automatic zero setting when setting up the measuring cup, but also looks very designed with its bright red LED display in the weighing station. The measuring cup is unbreakable made of polycarbonate, insensitive and dishwasher safe. In addition, it weighs the volume of water and milk – simply use the sensor touch function.

Digitale Küchenwaage | ADE KE 1823 Julia

Digital Kitchen Scale | ADE KE 1823 Julia

Elegant look – simple and beautiful for every kitchen style. Simple and elegant, the ADE Julia kitchen scale takes its new place in the kitchen. With its simple operation via sensor touch and the clear LCD display as well as the four selectable weighing units (g, ml, lb: oz, fl.oz), it carries out its work precisely. The overload and battery status display as well as the automatic switch-off round off this scale.

Digital kitchen scale | ADE KE 1820-2 Alessa

Digital Kitchen Scale | ADE KE 1820-1 to KE 1820-3 Alessa

Glossy – extremely flat scales with a shimmering aluminum look. The plastic body is covered with a noble aluminum band. This ensures shiny effects in the kitchen – at only 17 millimeters high, it is one of the particularly flat and space-saving household scales. With its length and width of 200 x 151 millimeters, the scale is pleasantly compact. The kitchen scale is operated with a comfortable sensor touch, the results are shown in white numbers on the blue illuminated LCD display.

Digital Kitchen Scale | ADE KE 1818-1 Tina

Digital Kitchen Scale | ADE 1818-1 to KE 1818-3 Tina

Simply everything that matters – Tina kitchen scales rely on minimalism. And that is all the rage. With its compact square format (152 x 152 mm) and no-frills look, the scale focuses on the essentials: weighing without frills. Thanks to quick operation via sensor touch and weighing function (tare), this works very well – up to 5 kg to 1 gram. The weighing surface made of hygienic safety glass is highlighted in color, optionally in silver, white and black.

Digitale Löffelwaage | ADE KE 1808-2 Eni diagonal

Digital spoon scale | ADE KE 1808-1 and 1808-2 Eni

Spoon with brain: With this spoon scale, the smallest amounts of ingredients can be dosed to the nearest 0.1 gram. Spices, fine herbs, baking powder – everything that needs to be weighed in mini quantities in the kitchen and household comes on a spoon scale. The measuring scale can be set for liquids in milliliters or for the quantities of tablespoons and teaspoons. The LCD display on the handle shows the result longer when the integrated hold function is activated. The spoon can be easily removed from the scale for cleaning.

Digitale Küchenwaage | ADE KE 1800-3 Leonie top

Digital Kitchen Scale | ADE KE 1800-1 to KE 1800-4 Leonie

With a consistently reduced design, Leonie marks the beginning of a new generation of digital scales at ADE. The perfectly rounded plastic body of the scale is made of one piece and is sensationally flat with a height of nine millimeters. Pure restraint even with the compact format and the uncomplicated operation via sensor touch. Full steam ahead with the three different colors: the household scale makes a strong impression in red, but the models in gray and black are much quieter.

Digital kitchen scale | ADE KE 1713 Cleo

Digital Kitchen Scale | ADE KE 1713 and KE 1714 Cleo

One for everyone! Kitchen scale Cleo is so simple and beautiful that it fits every kitchen style. Thanks to its compact dimensions: the small, flat household scale measures only 188 x 218 x 18 millimeters. The scales are available in white for purists and in delicate silver for the more daring. Despite its simplicity, at a second glance, the digital kitchen scale offers a number of shiny details: the weighing surface made of tempered safety glass, the blue illuminated LCD display and the simple operation using press buttons.

Digital bowl scale | ADE KE 1702 Hanna

Digital Bowl Scale | ADE KE 1702 Hanna

Save resources and look shiny! With the Hanna kitchen scale, the housing and measuring cup are made of stainless steel – this makes them the ideal baking scale. The inside of the dishwasher-safe bowl is equipped with a measuring scale in quarter-liter increments. So it offers a wonderful amount of space for ingredients up to 2.25 liters. The conically shaped housing of the digital scale fits upside down exactly in the bowl. The results are shown to the nearest gram on the blue illuminated display (LCD).