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Smart 3-in-1 alarm clock with LED light | ADE CK 2012-2 display

Smart 3-in-1 alarm clock with LED light | ADE CK 2012-1 bis 2012-3

Handy precision meets luminosity! A multi-talent for the bedside table. This digital alarm clock not only shows the time, it is also equipped with a snooze function and an integrated, dimmable LED light. You can use it as a gentle night light or bedside lamp. The time display in 12 or 24 hour format can be easily adjusted by using push buttons. When the alarm sounds, simply turn the alarm clock upside down: silence! At the same time the LED light turns on. The display backlight is activated by push buttons or simply moving the alarm clock and turns off after 10 seconds.

Digitaler Wecker mit Induktionsladung | ADE CK 2010 Smartphone

Digital alarm clock with indication charging for smartphones | ADE CK 2010

If the digital alarm clock with induction charging is on the bedside table, your smartphone battery is full when you get up. Wireless, because you simply place your phone on top – and the charging process starts. In addition to the time, the alarm clock also provides the indoor temperature – in either °F or °C. The alarm clock is operated via push buttons at the side. The sensor touch buttons on the top are responsible for the dual alarm and snooze function. Three brightness levels are available for the display – the practical all-rounder is supplied with a power adapter.

Analog retro alarm clock  | ADE CK 2008

Analog retro alarm clock | ADE CK 2008

Nostalgia & modernity: the analogue alarm clock in retro style comes with an integrated snooze function – perfect for everyone who likes to take it easy in the morning. The time can be set manually in the classic way and the alarm can also be easily switched on or off on the back using a switch. Rounded off by its mint-colored and stable metal housing, it leaves nothing to be desired by a retro alarm clock.

ADE Funkwecker CK 2022

Radio alarm clock | ADE CK 2022

No more annoying ticking thanks to the whisper-quiet sweep movement. The radio alarm clock is not only quiet, it also comes with a practical interior temperature and date display every 20 seconds. The time is set automatically thanks to the DCF radio signal and the changeover from summer to winter time is also automatic – a manual radio time query is also possible. The alarm clock with snooze function and the display lighting are part of the standard of this ADE radio alarm clock.

Funkwecker | ADE CK 1720 illuminated

Radio-controlled alarm clock | ADE CK 1720

Retro alarm clock in “folding number design” of the 70s. The digital radio alarm clock is not only a charming eye-catcher on the bedside table. The radio time signal is received via DCF, so the time is always absolutely precise – no matter whether summer or winter time. If you prefer, you can also adjust the time manually. The alarm clock with snooze function can be set in no time at all, and the large snooze button is easy to operate even while you are sleeping.